Tuesday, May 22 2018

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Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf of UFOPP: Starbase 11001001 Releases Rap Single to Boost Recruitment

HOLLYWOOD–Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf of UFOPP: Starbase 11001001 dropped a new rap song late yesterday in an effort to increase recruiting at his fleet after years of stagnant growth.  Wolf produced, directed, and mixed the song.  He also played all instrumental parts and sang lead vocals.

"You down with U-F-O-P-P?

Yeah, you know me!

Who’s down with U-F-O-P-P?

Starbase One-One-Zero-Zero-One-Zero-Zero-One!"

Wolf repeats the four-line lyrics 74 times in the nearly 13-minute song. 

To continue reading: https://outpost42news.com/2018/05/01/fleet-admiral-tristan-wolf-of-ufopp...