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Year 983 in Ruling Dynasty

A band of "rebels" looted and pillaged the outskirts of Hastur, plundering travelers and ravaging the district. The High Priest did little but appeal to the Nubians for assistance.


In Damas foreign troops brutally crushed rebel rioters. Companies of Kadathian longbowmen behind ranks of Moldavian spearmen blocked the streets, mowing down hundreds of rioters. Rebel leaders condemned the Prince's foreign alliances.


Princess Summer of Atlantis married into the Royal House of Sylvania. Her sister Princess Autumn married into the Royal House of Fruitlandia. And there was much rejoicing.


An Scythian army of unprecedented size (eleven troops of horse archers and seven war bands of horsemen) led by the entire Scythian ruling dynasty crossed the Great River near Kairo. Nubian cavalry scouts and a riverboat awaited them at the river but made no attempt to stop them. After crossing, the Scythian army split. One war band and a large group of priests headed northwest. The rest headed north. Dogged by masses of Nubian scouts they could not shake, they looted the Temple of Bast, slaughtering the priests and enraging the Nubian goddess. Then they headed north.

Having deduced the single war band was merely a feint, Sam, the King's uncle appointed to command the defense, left Nubia defended only by their wall, marching the garrison out to oppose the invaders headed north. The Nubian army consisted of six companies of Damascene spearmen, six of Damascene archers, four of Nubian archers, four of sickle swordsmen, four companies of Kadathain longbowmen, a troop of Nubian cavalry, a company of Cyrene spearmen, a squadron of chariots and a Hasturian sacred war band.

The two armies encountered each other on the plains east of Nubia. The Nubians formed a long line overlapping the flanks of the smaller Scythian army, archers in the front, infantry behind with cavalry and chariots on his flanks. The Scythian horse archers struck the right flank, killing the Nubian cavalry and exchanging arrows with the defending archers. Although also killing the sacred war band and three companies of archers, the Scythians suffered disproportionately from the long-ranged Kadathian longbows, failing to defeat the defenders. After Scythian Prince Oktomasad took an arrow in the eye, the barbarians withdrew upon the approach of a large reinforcing army from Aethiopia.

The Scythian feint sent against Nubia demonstrated outside the wall of the city, Scythian priests chanting and calling down the wrath of Api upon them. A company of Aegyptian spearmen and four squadrons of Aegyptian charioteers advancing from the south caught the Scythians between them and the walls of the city, riding down the warriors and scattering their priests. The Nubians greeted their Aegyptian allies with cheers from the city wall.


In Frigia, at the request of the Crown Prince, Meduna, Queen of the Huns, sang a soothing song to the troubled king. But upons seeing his changing countenance, the Nubian ambassador interrupted, ordering the Queen out of the throne room. When the Crown Prince objected, the ambassador ordered the palace guards (all foreigners armed with sickle swords rather than locally-made sabers) to seize both the prince and the queen.

Imprisoned in the dungeon, Queen Meduna beguiled the jailor and escaped with the prince, taking refuge in the Temple to Llymlaen on the northern coast. The King of Frigia declared his son a renegade and offered a bounty for his head.


In Kadath, Morrigan the Necromancer appeared in the throne room during a public audience. Along with the Crown Prince, he approached the throne. "Milord, I understand you have a cursed ring that threatens your life."

The king stroked a gold ring on his finger. "Nay. 'Tis not cursed. 'Tis my most precious possession, a gift from my eternal friend King Igor."

Morrigan's voice cooed. "May I examine it, Milord?" He reached out a hand as the other made mystic passes behind his back.

"Nay!" The king gripped his hands together. "It is my precious! You cannot take it from me!"

The Crown Prince eyed him with concern. "Father. You've been acting... weird lately. I really think you really ought to let Morrigan have a look at it."

The Nubian Ambassador sitting on a stool alongside the throne leaned in close and muttered something to the King.

The King jumped to his feet jabbing an accusing finger at his guests. "Nay! I must banish you both! Guards! Seize them!"

As a crowd of nobles looked on, confused at the turn of events, the Nubian sickle swordsmen guarding the throne room drew their weapons, advancing on the unarmed prince. Morrigan drew his magic sword "cheese slicer", whirling it over his head. "Step back! I'm only giving one warning. Don't make me cut the cheese!"

As the guards hesitated, the King frothing obscenities and the Ambassador choking in fury, Morrigan took the Prince's hand and the two vanished in a puff of sulfurous smoke.