Sunday, September 24 2017

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Added to the Star Trek category 1 day 3 hours ago by spiralarm1

As an officer of Starfleet in a brave new age for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, YOU take your place in the Star Trek universe, ready to make an impact! Guide your character from Ensign to the big chair in our play by email RPG in an environment where we want you to be able to focus on playing your character and having fun! You might find yourself at the cutting edge of a brand new Federation/Romulan treaty, discovering worlds not yet visited by the Federation, crossing swords with the Breen... the possibilities are limitless!


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Added to the Strategy category 3 days 10 hours ago by Penta

We're a geopolitical freeform sim set in the modern day; many major countries are still open for players, so check our full ad out for more details as to our premise, then check our website out at the link.

Added to the Fantasy category 6 days 41 min ago by Archmagev

Have openings for ether new PC's or people who want to run one of a couple NPC's in a long running AD&D campaign. The world is old enough that I have 1st edition and 2nd edition characters (yes, over 30 years). Current group has been running for years. We utilize a forum system for character communication (so it is more like a table top, just not real time) and actions.

If you are interested in some old school AD&D gaming, shoot me an email at and I will send you more details.


Added to the Fantasy category 1 week 1 hour ago by Hobbit from Hell

Gathering Storms is an accumulation of stories and campaigns in the Forgotten Realms setting around Damara and Impiltur. It is an experiment to try a high-speed game (one game day per week) where the focus is on what you do, not the minutia of how you do it.

Added to the Star Trek category 1 week 6 hours ago by Kirok

Shadow Fleet was established in January of 2007 to bring Star Trek fans together in community discussion as well as canon based, high quality role-playing. Today, we're a growing internet presence and one of the few RPGs that can offer a friendly, welcoming environment and a place for players to indulge their literary talents with the potential of in-character and out-of-character awards!