Monday, June 25 2018

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  Once  upon a time a very special collaborative writing group flourished.

    Recognizable canons, but with a personal flourish unique to the writer, incredibly detailed and wonderful original characters who sometimes seemedmore real than the canons and fabulously rich stories complete  with well fleshed out back stories which drew on European mythology,  history and canon inspiration paired with a zest of what might have  been.   Like a phoenix, HogwartsNewYear has risen from the ashes and has  found a new home at The game has begun new and fresh.    The  story thus far:    ~Lucius is no longer imprisoned   ~Minister Fudge seems to be in the elder Malfoy's pockets; suspicions  abound but nothing has been proven    ~Voldemort is back and has an ace up his long black sleeves    ~a new generation of Death Eaters is being molded by old and familiar  faces, at least one of them proving he still has a soul, however black  it may be    ~strong and resourceful witches summon their power and influence to safeguard those dearest to them...neither Molly nor Narcissa nor Tonks  would ever back down from a challenge or threat    ~One train ride to Hogwarts and already one student lies injured in the hospital wing, another is missing, no one has seen Ginny and just  where is Professor Snape amid all this?    Many major canons are available for the claiming and writers may  claim more than one! Original characters are very welcome. We ask only  that the characters fit into the world of Harry Potter.   Whether you wrote here before or are seeing HNY for the first time, anyone and everyone is welcome!   A new year, a new site and new game. Better than before! No auditions, no drama, no kidding.                                                                                                        Can the four Houses be united as the Sorting Hat admonished was necessary? As the winds of war draw ever nearer, lines are drawn and  sidesare taken. Choices are made; choices that show who we really are.  Good, bad or somewhere in between just hoping to get by. Which path do  you walk?  Postsshould range from G to PG-13 with the possible R rating when  truly warranted by the plot. HNY is canon only through the end of Order  ofthe Phoenix. Many surprises are already in the works! We are open to  new story lines as well.    If you're looking to write Potter, please give us alook!  Our new site also includes a subforum for Potter-based fanfic unrelated to the main game.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 02:55

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