Tuesday, May 22 2018

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USS Malinche - Prometheus class forum-based simm since 2004

USS Malinche - Klingons, Romulans, and Hauntings...and pie*!

Starfleet uniform: 300 credits. Type 1 phaser: 1000 credits. Standard issue tricorder: 800 credits. A berth aboard the USS Malinche... priceless. The tools are useless without a place to use them.

In the past 13 years, the Malinche's brave, eccentric, and sometimes downright crazy crew have gone on many adventures. From Klingons to Romulans, from encountering new races to being pied in the face - this crew knows excitement!

Now you too can be a part of the madness! For the low price of 0 strips of latinum, you can join the always vigilant and exciting Malinche crew!

Captain Kersare and the Malinche crew have been sent to Outpost Beta 12, near the Romulan Border, where the listening post has gone silent... With no outward signs of an attack, but no lifesigns and an odd particle signature, what will they find? Will they figure out what happened to the Outpost crew?

Currently the Malinche is in need of the following Senior Staff Positions:

Chief Security/Tactical Officer - You want to blow things up, right?
Chief Medical Officer - Who wants to patch us up?
Chief Science Officer - Who else can bust us out of a spatial anomaly?
Chief Counselor - Someone has to try to keep us sane...

Join today! Fulfill your destiny (for free!) and save the world...err...galaxy!

After all...who ya gonna call?

Captain Isabel Kersare
Commanding Officer
USS Malinche NCC-38997-A

*pie sold separately

The Malinche is an 18+ simm.

website: http://ussmalinche.kersare.net/
forum: http://ussmalinche.kersare.net/Forum/index.php
discord: https://discord.gg/2Ra3aYV/

Kersare's picture
Submitted on
Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 07:48

Game Category
Star Trek

Game website http://ussmalinche.kersare.net

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