Friday, January 19 2018

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USS Rook – Science with a Twist

Normally a scientific and exploration vessel the Luna Class sports the most advanced and powerful sensor suite available within Starfleet. They can be found exploring the fringes of Federation Territory, carrying out diplomatic missions, studying new life, and making scientific discoveries.

The same can be said for the USS Rook, assigned to the Ninth Fleet's Task Force 72.  The USS Rook's newest commanding officer, Abigail Stuart, rose to command via Security and Intelligence departments.  A good analyst and a good investigator her assignment to a scientific vessel versus one generally tasked to Law Enforcement was a disappointment however it was still her first command and she would give it everything. It would not be surprising, however, when from time to time Starfleet Intelligence might call on the Rook and it's advanced sensor capabilities to assist with their missions as well.

The USS Rook is currently docked at Starbase 50 gathering crew to depart on its first mission, a Rescue Operation on a Class P glacial planet.

Command Team and Crew Members are now being recruited!  Check out the website for more information:

The USS Rook is a play by Nova simulation and a member of Obsidian Fleet.

Game website:

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Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 01:13

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Star Trek

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