Tuesday, May 22 2018

PBEM Questions and answers

Is it a FAQ? Is it a forum?
Well, it's really something in between!

We understand that there might be a few things you are wondering about. In this section you can ask your fellow PBEM players questions and also voice other topics of discussion.

Perhaps you are stuck in a post and need help? Don't know where to take the story next? Need help with a great name for a character of NPC?

Your comments and replies are always much appreciated, help your fellow players!

PBEM Questions

Blocked ad

Hello all,

I just recently joined and submitted an ad for my new PBeM game called The Day. However, it was blocked because the site considered it spam.

I sent in a report, but I'm not sure how long it will take to approave of my post, of if it will be stuck in somekind of spam limbo. Any advice or suggstions would be greatly apprecited.








What's the best way to recruit new players?

What's the best way to recruit new players?

Spam filter?


I was renewing my game advert with you. It was refused by the spam filter.

It had the same content already accepted, with a date change.


Best Map Builders


  I'm looking for a good, easy to use map builder.  World, city/village and dungeon.  I have seen Hexagrapher but want some more ideas before I spend money on a final choice.  Any thoughts?



What is the optimum number of players for a PBEM game?

Too few players might make the game slow-moving and boring, but too many players might make the game too manic, with too many posts per week, and lots of different storythreads to keep track of.

So what is the optimum number of players in a PBEM game?

Roman Imperium: Ascendance

I am planning a large scale Roman RPG set in 290 AD and am looking for like minded GM's or potential players to either help build the game or consult on its creation. I have experience of playing, building and GMing these types of games before.

The game will itself involve role playing and actual story writing where the players and GM's alike will tell the tales of the world they inhabit. If your interested or merely intrigued email me on mark.turner56@yahoo.co.uk


What (or where) to play, for a beginner

Hi guys,

I've never ever played a PBEM game, but I'm familiar with RPG concepts having played a little bit of D&D some 10 years ago.

I've now grown very interested in PBEM as I just don't have the time for weekend sessions of RPG, but I do miss the adventuring.

I'd like to find a place to start, that has a fairly accessible learning curve (at least to start, later complexity is always welcome) and a newb-welcoming community of players to lend a helping hand on the beginning if needed. As I don't have absolutely any PBEM experience, I'm sure I'll need some help.


As far as "theme" goes, I'm up for anything, from the traditional medieval fantasy to sci-fi, as long as the rules are free to download (except for D&D 3rd Ed. which i already have the rules).


Alright, that sums it up, suggestions welcome!



What should PBEMPlayers.com do next?

Looking at the comments and other content that is posted to this site, it is obvious that there is a great interest in being able to post ads for games.

We would love to hear your opinion on this! Should game ads be the main focus of this site? If so, what type of features would you like to see?


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Just wondering...

I need help creating an awesome game for people to play. Anyone have ideas? What mail service and group thing-whatever should I use?

Thanks! -Rue the Day


(Rue the Day is an idiom, but also the name of an RPG I made that's played via texting-Google "Rue the Day RPG" and the first result is it.)

Old West RPG

Searching for PBEM RPG's is so much harder. When I first played about 10 years ago, I found so many active games. Now that I am starting again, I am looking for an Old West RPG with a moderate to high number of posts. 

If not, would anyone be interested in starting one with me? I've never Moderated before, but I'd like to run it through yahoo groups and have a group page on PBworks.