Monday, June 25 2018

PBEM Questions and answers

Is it a FAQ? Is it a forum?
Well, it's really something in between!

We understand that there might be a few things you are wondering about. In this section you can ask your fellow PBEM players questions and also voice other topics of discussion.

Perhaps you are stuck in a post and need help? Don't know where to take the story next? Need help with a great name for a character of NPC?

Your comments and replies are always much appreciated, help your fellow players!

Roman Imperium: Ascendance

Roman Imperium: Ascendance

I am planning a large scale Roman RPG set in 290 AD and am looking for like minded GM's or potential players to either help build the game or consult on its creation. I have experience of playing, building and GMing these types of games before.

The game will itself involve role playing and actual story writing where the players and GM's alike will tell the tales of the world they inhabit. If your interested or merely intrigued email me on