Tuesday, May 22 2018

Keep up to date with what is happening with the development of the PBEMPlayers website! From time to time there may be other posts heer too, about the PBEM community in general or about other things relating to things I think PBEM Players will be interested in!

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New Features

We start 2013 by releasing an updated version of PBEMPlayers, and it sure is an exciting update!

New Features
Not only have we updated the systems PBEMPlayers run on, we have also cleaned up the site a bit and introduced new features that I think you will all like! We have great hopes that the site will continue to be an integral part of the PBEM community for years to come!

Game ads
One of the most requested feature, by far actually, is the ability to advertise for new players for your game. We have listened, and you can now list your game for 30 days on the site.

Recently, we've seen more and more events taking place in the PBEM community. There is now a section for you to advertise your events, as long as they are kept general and open to the community. Events will be listed until their end date, starting one week from the start date and during the entire event a reminder will be posted to the front page.

What goes where?
With all these new options, we are going to be stricted when it comes to what kind of content can be posted in the different categories. Look for players in the games section, not by posting an article, event or link! The same goes for events, post it where it should be. However we would very much appreciate if you would, after the event, write an article about it!

We are always looking for new ideas, suggestions and improvements. Please let us know what you think of the site!